Richard Blackwell

Other Publications/Publicity

Co-edited book:
Blackwell R and Blackmore P [eds] Towards Strategic Staff Development. OUP/SRHE; Buckingham 2003.

Contributions to four chapters. Links to summaries of Rethinking Strategic SD (ch1) and Departmental SD.

"The Future of Quality Enhancement" Educational Developments 4:3 September 2003
'Bring this supply in from the cold' (feature on part time teachers) THES 28 February 2003
Letter on connecting research and teaching, THES 24 January 2003
Letter on part time teachers, THES 13 December 2002
Letter on peer observation of teaching, THES 29 March 2002
'Watching me watching you' (feature on peer observation of teaching) THES 15 March 2002