Richard Blackwell

Higher Education Academy

Worked for Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN), an original component of the Higher Education Academy. Led and successfully completed 4 major UK-wide projects:

1. 'Promoting good practices and facilitating change' raised capacity to disseminate 'good practices' effectively, including leading, managing and responding to change within LTSN.

2. 'Part time teachers'. Initial focus was transfer of good practices, phase 2 explored strategic staffing options, advised by Sector-wide stakeholders group including funders and TUs.

3. 'Enhancing teaching and learning through research and scholarship' concerned how research and scholarship could be mobilised to enhance student learning and staff teaching.

4. 'Peer observation of teaching' created a web-based resource and sought to locate POT within wider 'Peer Review' (USA) or Continuing Professional Development (UK) processes.

HEAcademy achievements